A Simple ABC Rule Set for Staying Safe while Waiting for a Tow Truck at Night

Posted on: 9 October 2015

When you trust your car to take you where you intend to go, but end up stranded in a strange place in the middle of the night, it can be a scary situation to say the least. Even though you know that you can always count on an auto towing company to rescue you from your predicament, the wait until they arrive can be quite a dramatic experience for a lot of drivers, especially if they are stranded alone. There is a simple ABC rule set for staying as safe as possible while you wait on the side of the road for the tow truck to arrive.

Always Stay as Visible as Possible. Roadways are not always well lit, especially in rural areas. Therefore, in the dark your car may not be visible at all without some type of light. So keep your lights and emergency flashers on if you can. If you have a dead battery or other issues that prevent you from keeping the vehicle lights on, use your cell phone to illuminate the cab of your car or turn on a flashlight if you have one on hand.

Be Cautious of Even Polite Motorists Who Stop to Help. There may always be a few people that are willing to stop and help a stranded motorist; however, it is not a good idea to trust everyone who comes to your aid. Never open your car doors or windows for someone you don't know and tell the polite person that you already have someone on the way to help.

Call a Friend or Family Member While You Wait. Waiting alone can be scary at night, but keeping someone on the phone while you wait can help you keep your nerves calm. Additionally, if someone up to no good sees that you have someone on the phone, it is less likely that they would try to do anything to harm you. If you don't have anyone you can call, let the dispatcher know that you would like for someone to stay on the line with you until the tow truck driver arrives.

Don't Get Out of Your Vehicle. When you leave your vehicle, you risk being struck by a vehicle that may not see you. Most drivers do not expect a motorist to be on the shoulder of the road, especially late at night. Therefore, it is best to stay in your car until help arrives.

If you find yourself stranded at night in your vehicle waiting for a towing service, stay calm and use this simple list to help keep you safe. For more advice about staying safe as a stranded motorist at night, talk to a towing company like Michael's Towing & Recovery Service.