Stranded In The Desert? Use These Tips To Ease Your Wait For Help

Posted on: 12 October 2015

The desert can be a harsh environment if you get stranded in it. This is especially true if a towing company, like Superior Towing, isn't near enough, and you have to wait several hours for it. Fortunately, the following tips can help ease your despair while waiting for help:

It's Best Not to Sit in the Car

If your car stalls during the winter, then it's advisable to stay inside it so that it can provide you with some warmth. Don't follow this advice if you are stranded in the desert during the day. The temperatures will be higher in the car than outside it, especially with all the doors and windows closed. Rather, sit outside the car, preferably on its sheltered side. Don't sit directly on the ground as it's likely to be hot. Rather, remove one of the seats (if they are removable), take out a carpet, or take out a blanket and sit on it. If you must sit inside, then roll down the windows and open the doors for proper air circulation.

Stay With the Car

It's much easier to get lost in the desert than most people think; you don't want the tow truck to arrive and find your car with you nowhere near it, do you? Moreover, exposure can wear you down fast too. At least you can use the car to provide shade if you don't stray from it. Also, it is easier to spot a stranded car than a stranded person. Therefore, its best to stay with the car until help arrives.

Raise the Hood

Raising the hood is one of the oldest signals of a broken-down car. Therefore, pop up the hood even if you are positive that the problem isn't under it. That way anybody passing by would know that you have car trouble. Even if they can't help fix the car, they can get help from the next stop they make (for example if your phone is dead).

Leave Your Phone On

Don't switch your phone off whether there is cell reception or not. Obviously, if there is a reception, then the first thing is to call a towing truck to come to your rescue. Leave your phone on even after making this call because the tow company may call to confirm your location. You should still leave the phone on even if the reception is poor or nonexistent; in the worst case scenario, emergency service providers may use the weak signals to triangulate your position.