3 Ways to Pay Less for Towing Services

Posted on: 19 October 2015

Car damages can occur without any indicator, and sometimes these damages can force you to pull off to the side of the road when driving. This can be a major delay to your day, but most importantly, it can be pricey if you fail to be prepared for this type of event. To ensure you avoid paying too much for your tow services, there are a few things to take advantage of, such as the following:

Pay for Roadside Service with Your Insurance

Many car insurance companies do offer roadside services that include free to very low-cost towing services. Roadside coverage doesn't always come standard on an auto insurance policy, so it may be a small, additional charge. Roadside services with your insurance company can range between $36 and $100 a year, which is a lower cost than paying for towing services once, so you'll more than likely save money by having this coverage in your insurance policy.

Utilize a Multi-Service Tow Company

Most towing companies do have flat-rate setup charges for when they need to tow a vehicle to a driver's preferred location. However, if your car doesn't need to be towed but only needs a quick fix, then why should you pay for this setup charge? To avoid this expense, be sure that you seek a tow company that can perform services like fuel delivery, battery jump starts, and tire repairs and replacements. This will allow you to get your car back up and running without having to pay for setup fees or delaying your day further by having your vehicle towed to a nearby shop.  

Check Business Hours

Hiring a tow company that has strict business hours can likely cost you more than you think if you need to utilize their services beyond their normal business hours. Rather than pay for emergency service hours, consider a company that offers 24/7 service, as this will likely allow you to receive the same rate regardless of the time. This can easily save you more than you might think, especially if your car breaks down at the middle of the night or early morning.

If you want to be sure that you are paying as little as possible for your towing service then you will definitely want to take advantage of these tips, as they can help you save money. Along with the savings, being prepared for potential car troubles can make using a tow service a smooth and quick process. Contact a service like Frank's Towing to find out what they can offer you.