Stranded And Need Roadside Assistance: Here's 3 Things To Prepare For Their Arrival

Posted on: 19 October 2015

As a tractor trailer operator, you have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. Businesses depend on you to get their loads delivered in a specified amount of time. While you do everything you can to make sure you meet their deadlines, there is always the chance that something could happen and you are left sitting on the side of the road waiting for a tractor trailer towing company to arrive. If that happens, there are a couple things you to do to prepare for their arrival.

Put hazard cones around your rig.

The last thing you want is an accident to occur because someone didn't see you. By placing hazard cones around your ride, you can make sure other vehicles know you are there and prevent any additional problems from occurring from something that you really couldn't control in the first place. Make sure you exercise precaution when doing this, though.

Gather insurance documents, log books and other important information.

As you wait for the towing company to arrive, you should spend the time gathering up all of the important information you are going to need inside of your rig. From insurance information to log books and contact paperwork, anything that you are going to need while the fix your rig should be put into a pile for you to grab quickly when they get there to tow your tractor trailer and get it into the repair facility. 

Make important phone calls.

Beyond gathering log books and contact information for the business you are hauling for, you might want to contact the company where the load is supposed to be delivered and let them know what's going on. Not only is this common courtesy, but it allows the company and yours to come up with a plan that is going to work to get the products delivered on time. Maybe, your problem is something simple and it will just be a few extra minutes. However, if it is something more extensive, they need to be presented with that scenario so they can send someone else to swap trailers if needed.

In taking the time to go through the above information, you can get through your ordeal and be back on the road in a timely fashion without any added stress. Being stranded isn't always something you can prevent, but you can make the best use of your time in the meantime.