How Do Professionals Store And Transport Fine Art?

Posted on: 28 October 2015

When you work in an art museum, you understand that art is typically meant to be looked at and never touched by the public. You may have had experience moving art if you were involved in the curation or hanging of an upcoming show. But when you get put in charge of moving an entire collection of art (either from an artist's home to your museum, or when your museum changes locations), that's a whole different situation. You might feel confident transporting a piece from the basement to a gallery, but who can you call to help you pack and move art across town? 

Some equipment transportation companies specialize in the storing and transporting of fine art. They may also move office equipment, servers, medical equipment, or even fitness machines. Team up with a company that has experience in art handling. Here's what you can expect them to do when it's time to move. 

Packaging and Crating

Before an expensive piece of art can be put on a truck to move, it must be properly prepared to safeguard it from damage during transport. Some companies will create custom art crates to hold one or multiple pieces of art securely. These wooden crates use fumigated wood and full insulation to keep the artwork safe. Workers will line the interiors and use foam inserts to keep artwork in place and separated from surrounding pieces. Then they'll seal the crate to prevent damage and temperature changes. Most crates will come with rollers for easy and safe transportation. 


Once the art is properly protected in a custom crate, it's important that it rides in a special moving truck. Working air suspension will keep the crate from bumping around while the truck drives. Climate control can prevent damage from extreme temperature or humidity changes, and built-in alarm systems provide added security on long-haul trips. If your artwork needs to travel on an airplane, look for a company that provides on-hand transport supervision to ensure your crate is safely moved from truck to airplane. 

Installation and Hanging

In some cases, you might need help installing a new exhibition. Some art transport companies train their employees to expertly unpack and hang art after it has been delivered to its final destination. This service is especially helpful if you are moving an exhibition across the country to a small museum with only a few employees. 

When you need fine art moved, call an equipment hauling company that is experienced in moving large specialty items. They'll have the training to move your pieces with precision. 

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