Three Things To Look For In Your Car Membership Plan

Posted on: 8 February 2016

If your vehicle has ever broken down on the side of the road, you understand how frustrating it can be. Paying for a tow truck is sometimes an expense you weren't prepared for, which is where the benefit of a car membership plan comes in. These automotive memberships include towing and other roadside assistance services that are usually covered in the monthly or annual costs. Here are some things to look for in your membership plan.

The Number of Towing Miles

The first thing you should look at in the terms of the membership plan is exactly how many miles you get and how many tows are included. Most plans have limitations, instead of offering unlimited tows for the term of the membership contract. For example, you might have a handful of tows for every year you have the membership, with 10 miles covered for each of these tows. This means if the tow truck needs to bring your vehicle past 10 miles, you will need to pay for the additional miles. Also look to see what the per mile charge will be.

Types of Vehicles to be Towed

Some membership plans might also have stipulations about the types of vehicles they can tow. You want one that is flexible with towing nearly any type of vehicle. It is possible that you will be borrowing a friend's large pickup truck and it breaks down while moving furniture. You want to know that the tow truck will still be ale to pick up that heavy-duty truck and not have rules about only towing vehicles of a certain size and weight. Make sure the membership plan allows you to use your tows and other roadside assistance services with any vehicle you might be using, instead of just your registered vehicle. Many of them let you use it for any vehicle, including a friend's car you were riding in.

Roadside Assistance Services

Good membership plans include more than just towing your vehicle when it breaks down. It should also have some other roadside assistance services. For example, it might include gas delivery if you run out of gas on the highway, or lockout services if you have locked the keys in your car. Some other roadside assistance services include bringing fluids like coolant or oil, changing tires, and performing basic auto repairs on the side of the road.

Having a car membership plan allows you to get help when you need it most without worrying that you have money in the bank. Contact towing companies, like Darryll's Towing, for more help with roadside assistance.