Road Trip Safety 101: 3 Ways To Help Your College Student Prepare For Their Trek Home

Posted on: 7 October 2016

Now that you are the proud parent of a college student, you finally understand the worry that comes once your child leaves the nest. With every school break, you can't wait to see your child's face as they walk through the door, and the days leading up to their visit is a flurry of activity as you wash bedding and shop for the ingredients to their favorite meals. As you make your preparations, here's three things you can do to keep your child safe on the road.

Research the Route

Driving home for the first time is often nerve wracking for young adults, and it is common for them to get lost or worry about where to gas up. Do a little research on your own to find alternate routes in case of road closures, and check into safe places where your child can stop to regain their bearings if they take a wrong turn. If they have time, then you can also suggest a few roadside attractions that will give your child a chance to stretch their legs along the way and increase their alertness. Type up your findings in an email that your child can review at stops on the road, and they will appreciate your contribution to making their trip enjoyable.

Send Them an Emergency Kit Checklist

After years of raising your child, you know they have a tendency to procrastinate. After all, their socks are still on their bedroom floor, and they don't even live there anymore. For this reason, they may need a little reminder to double check their roadside emergency kit. To make sure they know what to pack, send them a checklist that covers basics along with seasonal items such as extra blankets if they'll be driving through snow.

Teach Them How to Call for a Tow

Dealing with a minor break down on the side of the road is enough to make even experienced adults panic. However, being prepared can make the difference between a quick rescue and your child being stranded. Talk to them about things they should know before calling a towing service such as their location and where they want their car towed. Remind them that if it will be a long distance tow, then it is always best to let the driver know that while they are on the phone.

Now that your little one is all grown up and driving home for their first school break visit, your job as a parent is still not done. Ease the anxiety for you and your child by helping them prep for a road trip they will never forget. While they hopefully won't need to worry about having an emergency, making sure they are ready in case will give you peace of mind.

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