Tips That Can Help Prevent Your Car From Sliding On Icy Roads

Posted on: 11 February 2020

During the winter months, one of the common reasons why people find themselves in need of auto towing is because their car slid on an icy road. Perhaps their car slid into another vehicle or into a tree, causing damage to the car, or perhaps it just slid off of the road and into a ditch. Learning how to drive in icy conditions can help to reduce the risk of your car sliding on an icy surface and you needing to call a professional for auto towing. 

Make Sure Your Tires Have Tread On Them

One of the most common reasons why cars slide on icy roads is because the right tires are not being used. If you live somewhere where ice is around throughout the winter, investing in snow or winter tires may be well worth the cost. Regardless of what type of tires you have, always make sure that they are not worn and have tread on them before winter hits. Not having enough tread prevents your tires from gripping the road, which can cause you to slide or spin out. 

Reduce Your Speed

If you are driving in icy conditions, one of the best things you can do to keep yourself safe and prevent sliding is to reduce your speed. Driving too quickly can make it hard to correct yourself if you hit an icy patch and begin to slide. Most experts recommend that you drive at least ten miles per hour below posted speed limit signs on regular roads and 15 miles per hour below the speed limit on freeways or highways. 

Learn How to Appropriately Drive If You Hit Ice

The next thing you want to do is to learn how to drive if you hit ice. Most people are quick to hit their brakes if they hit ice and begin to slide. Unfortunately, hitting your brakes can actually cause your wheels to freeze up and cause you to slide even more. Additionally, you want to turn into a slide. This means that you want to turn your steering wheel in the same direction that the back of your car is turning. This helps you to regain control of your vehicle. Many people's first instinct is to turn the opposite direction of the slide, but this can lead to you overcorrecting and fishtailing out of control. 

Despite your best effort, you will not always be able to prevent your car from sliding. In some cases, you may hit an unexpected patch of ice and be unable to control your vehicle. If your vehicle is unable to move, due to damage or because it is stuck in a ditch, an auto towing company can help you. Contact a towing company to tow your car back to your home or to an auto repair service to get the repairs your vehicle needs.