5 Things You Need To Do Before Your Car Is Towed

Posted on: 20 October 2020

Car breakdowns are unpredictable and they can happen to you at any time. Fortunately, you can call a towing company to pull your vehicle to an auto shop. Towing companies offer many benefits; they can respond quickly, handle your car with care, and move it to a repair shop. Once you call a towing company, you need to prepare before they arrive to make the process smooth. Here are five things to do before your car is towed.

1. Take Pictures of Your Vehicle

Most towing companies have safe equipment for transportation. But it's essential to take photos of the car. If you were in a collision, you should take photographs of the front and rear bumper and any other damaged place. Also, take pictures of the interiors. This way, if further damages happen during transit, you can quickly notice them.  

2. Close the Car Windows

During transportation, dirt and debris might get into your car and damage or make the interior parts dirty. Therefore, it will be best if you close all windows. Also, an unauthorized person can access your vehicle via an open window. A reliable company will help you prepare the car for towing but it is also important to keep this tip in mind.

3. Remove Your Items

Always remove your personal items from the car while waiting for the tow service. Many towing companies will state that they are not responsible for any lost items left in the vehicle. Therefore, it is imperative to take your phone, laptop, wallet, bag, and documents in the glove compartment to avoid inconveniences.

4. Disengage the Emergency Brakes

Disengaging your emergency brakes before your car is towed can prevent further damages. Towing professionals always check these crucial aspects before towing. However, there are times when mistakes can happen, and so you should always disengage the brakes before you hand your car to the towing service. This tip is particularly necessary if you want to leave your vehicle by the road for the towing service to pick it.

5. Arrange Your Drop Off Location

Towing professionals will pull your car to the desired location. Therefore, you should decide where you want them to take your car before they arrive. You can call your insurance company earlier to arrange repair in their preferred facility. If your vehicle is being towed because you locked the keys inside, you can direct them to your home or office where you have spare keys.

All drivers need to learn how to prepare before a tow truck service arrives. This saves time, reduces confusion, and gives you a better experience. Also, ensure you choose a reliable towing service for quality services. Contact a tow truck service for more information.