Working With A Transportation Service To Move Heavy Equipment Over The Road

Posted on: 17 May 2021

Most heavy equipment is too large, too slow, and too heavy to drive over public roads, so moving it takes some special consideration and a lot of planning. Working with a heavy equipment transportation company to move these giant monsters means working with professionals that specialize in getting equipment to and from job sites, farms, and repair facilities without damaging them along the way. 

Permits And Planning

When you need heavy equipment moved from one place to another, you may need to get a permit for the load because of the equipment's size and/or weight. Working with a professional heavy equipment transport company means you have help with planning and permitting the move. 

Many of these companies have logistical professionals working for them that specialize in working out the best route for the truck and trailer and can put a plan together, so the driver only needs to follow the route given to them to stay legal. The permits that are required are also essential, and the trip planner can get the permits that are needed, so you do not have to. 

In some situations, permits are required in several states, and if the route is taking the truck through small towns, they may need some assistance from local police to stop traffic at bridges, intersections, or as they move through a small downtown area along the route. The heavy equipment transportation company will arrange any special support needed to ensure the truck can get where it needs to go. 

Loading And Unloading

When the truck arrives to pick up the equipment, let the driver or the rigger for the heavy equipment transport company load the equipment and secure the load. The company specializes in moving these kinds of loads, and the drivers and riggers that work for the company have a lot of experience securing the equipment to the trailer. 

If the equipment shifts at all, the weight change could turn over the truck and damage the equipment, the truck, and injure the driver. The transportation company will have insurance to cover the equipment if you are concerned about loading and unloading it. Many companies will not take the load unless they load it themself. 

The trailers used for heavy equipment transportation are often modular to make the job easier. There may also be times when a machine is too wide, even with permits, and you may need to take off dual tires or a blade on a bulldozer. The transport company will let you know if that is the case, but often, the transport company can put those items on the trailer after they are removed from the equipment.