7 Towing Service Tips That Every Driver Should Know

Posted on: 1 September 2021

Towing services aren't to be taken lightly. If you have to tow a car, there is always the potential for serious damage to both vehicles and people. It is important to take precautions before towing to prevent this damage from happening. Here are seven tips that every driver should know about when they have to tow a car.

Ensure Your Vehicle Has Enough Battery Power

The towing service vehicle needs to have a lot of power to make the towing process smooth and safe. Make sure your battery is functioning before you get a tow truck. Ensure it will provide enough power for the tow, or purchase an external battery as a backup. 

Ensure That the Brakes on Both Cars Work

Once towed, the brake pedal on the towing vehicle must slow down and stop while releasing it as needed. You should check the brakes beforehand to ensure they work smoothly with no problems. 

All Lights on the Towed Vehicle Should Be Working

One of the towing services tips to remember is to make sure all lights on the towed vehicle work properly. This will prevent any accidents from happening at night. It will also allow you to be more visible to other drivers while traveling by car attached to your tow truck.

Check the Tire Pressure in Both Vehicles

Check the tire pressure in both vehicles before starting up again to tow. This will make for a smoother towing process and prevent accidents from happening when going over bumps or potholes. Towing services should ensure they check the towing ropes or chains to ensure they aren't damaged and that there is no slack in them.

Be Prepared for Emergencies and Bad Weather

Be prepared to deal with emergencies and bad weather when towing a vehicle. This includes things like having jumper cables, flares, or any other emergency equipment. You may also need to be ready for anything that might happen while traveling to the destination of your towed car.

Always Buckle Up

It's important to buckle up to prevent injuries to the driver and any passengers. This is especially true for the towing service vehicles, as they have a higher chance of rolling over during an accident because of their height or weight.

Bring a Tow Strap in Case You Need One

Lastly, always bring a tow strap to attach to the towed vehicle. This will make for a safer towing process and prevent accidents from happening when going over bumps or potholes. You may need to secure your local towing services to tow the car safely in an emergency.