4 Available Options When You Need A Tow Truck

Posted on: 6 January 2022

If your vehicle breaks down in the middle of nowhere, then you'll understand the importance of a towing service provider. The industry is vast, and companies use different types of trucks in towing cars. 

But before calling a service provider, it is essential to know the types of trucks that are available. If you are not sure about what towing truck you need to hire, describe your towing needs to the provider so that they can send you the most suitable vehicle. Here are four of the most common options you will get from your truck service provider. 

Trucks with Flat Beds

Flatbeds are the most common and most versatile type. It is popular because of its simple design and construction. Besides that, a flatbed truck can transport a wide selection of vehicles because its design has enough space to secure the car. 

It is the best option when towing cars over long distances across the country. When using a flatbed, your vehicle is lifted off the ground entirely and onto the bed. Lifting keeps it safe throughout transit. The towing expert usually secures the car to the flatbed using tire straps. That way, your car remains steady even at high speeds. 

Front Wheel Lifting 

The wheel-lift type is different from the flatbed in that your vehicle does not rest on the truck. Instead, it lifts one end of the car using a metal yoke hooked to the front-end wheels of your vehicle. 

Your vehicle's back tires remain on the ground during transit, making the method significantly secure. The technique is ideal when you have experienced a breakdown in the middle of the highway and need your vehicle towed to the nearest auto shop. 

Models that Use Chains and Hooks

Chain and hook trucks were the first towing technology introduced in the market. But over the decades, they have become less popular because they cause lots of damage to the vehicle during transit. Usually, the hook and chain connect the car to the truck using a chain and drag it to the destination. If you have to use this method, ensure it is only over a short distance. 

Combination Models

Integrated towing models are mainly applicable for massive hauling jobs that involve heavy vehicles. The truck integration includes a towing arm at its core. You can hire this truck when you need to haul a bus or trailer.

Knowing the trucks used in towing cars enables you to choose the ideal one when faced with a roadside situation. Besides that, it saves you on additional costs that may arise from using an inappropriate tow truck.

For more information about towing cars, contact a local service.